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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nativity and Three Kings Day Cards

I wanted to share two very special Christmas cards I made for two of my sisters ( I have four sisters and three brothers!). These two sisters lives outside Puerto Rico and I wanted to make a card close to our traditions so the Nativity and the Three Kings adorn my cards for today.  I got the inspiration for the Nativity card blog-hopping. (I am sorry but I forgot to bookmark the page so I cannot give proper credit to the original creator). (Update: Nativity card inspiration in this site: http://danasdabblingstudio.blogspot.com/2009/10/flower-petal-card-tutorial.html)


Mary Fish said...

Lourdes . . . these are two of the prettiest holiday cards I have seen. Very, very clean layout and pretty design. The second reminds me of a quilt pattern. Chic!

Hugs, M

Carla Bazhenow said...

I agree with Mary, they are the prettiest ones I have seen too. Beautiful work!!! Hugs,

Madeline Morcelo said...

Lourdes, esta tarjeta verde esta preciosa, definitivamente te la voy a copiar :0), claro que te dare el credito...muy bonita, preciosa. Buen trabajo!!

Elsandra said...

Brutal, no sé que estás esperando para mercadearlas~!! love it!!